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General Veterinary Services in Bedford

Comprehensive Care for Cats & Dogs

The caring team at Brown Trail Animal Hospital is dedicated to providing the care and medical treatments your dog or cat needs to live their happiest, healthiest lives. We’ve served the local community since 1973 and have the in-depth insights and experience born from caring for generations of pets.

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Cat Boarding

Are you looking for a place to board your cat while you’re away? Look no further than someone you already trust: Brown Trail Animal Hospital. Our cat boarding services include a “room with a view” so that our guests can enjoy a glimpse of the outdoors. We ask that you bring your pet’s food and bedding so they can feel at home. We do accept guests who are not our patients, but we require medical records to show that your pet is up-to-date on vaccines.


Professional dental care is a very important part of your pet’s overall health. Our veterinarians may recommend dental cleanings after a pet’s annual visit. An annual professional cleaning isn’t the only thing that contributes to your pet’s oral health; we also recommend regular at-home oral care, including brushing. If you have questions about how to properly brush your pet’s teeth, we’ll be happy to help!


When your pet has heart problems or a potential heart condition, it can be a scary, trying time. We are excited to be able to offer EKG services at our hospital. Our veterinarians can help to make sense of your pet’s health condition.


When your pet needs laboratory work, rest assured, we can accommodate them. We have a complete in-house laboratory that enables us to perform a number of tests.


For your convenience, we have a fully-stocked in-house pharmacy at Brown Trail Animal Hospital. Our on-site pharmacy allows us to administer your pet’s medication immediately. When you receive care from our hospital, there is no need to use an outside pharmacy for your pet’s treatment needs.


At Brown Trail Animal Hospital, we provide a variety of surgical services including spays and neuters for both felines and canines, feline declaws, soft tissue surgeries, and orthopedic procedures. Our doctors have experience performing a number of orthopedic surgeries including repairing simple fractures, loose kneecaps, anterior cruciate ruptures, and more. Soft tissue surgeries we have performed include laceration repairs, biopsies, growth removals, removals of foreign objects, and more. We work closely with the Dallas Veterinary Surgery Center where we can refer for consultations, if needed.


The ultrasound is an incredible medical tool that we utilize regularly at our animal hospital. Our Bedford veterinarians use this technology to diagnose problems with internal organs.


At Brown Trail Animal Hospital, we provide individualized vaccination plans for our patients. This means there is no “one size fits all” vaccination protocol for our pets. Each vaccination plan is determined through a conversation with you, as well as an examination of your pet’s lifestyle and needs.

Wellness Exams

Our annual wellness visits include complete nose-to-tail examinations. We check everything from the eyes, ears, and teeth, to the abdomen and lymph nodes, making sure that nothing feels out of the ordinary. We also administer vaccinations at this time, if needed.

For senior pets, we recommend twice annual visits to ensure that any changes in physical condition are caught early enough for effective treatment.


X-rays are an excellent diagnostic tool that we utilize at Brown Trail Animal Hospital. X-rays enable us to check inside your pet for broken bones, foreign bodies, and more.

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    “We were very pleased. Bella loves everybody there. We are very thankful.”

    - The Gilmores
  • Thank you Brown Trail Animal Hospital!

    “Thank you, Brown Trail Animal Hospital, for once again being there for me and my Zuckie. His nose problem is completely cleared up and it was only an infection of some kind. You folks at Brown Trail are awesome. I tell everyone I see about you guys.”

    - Leah Adams
  • A Very Big Thanks to Ashley!

    “My dog ran away Saturday evening. Monday morning an employee there, Ashley, called me and led me to my dog! I will definitely refer everyone I know to your animal hospital! She was very sweet and patient guiding me to my dog. A very big thanks to Ashley!”

    - Katie
  • Dr. Murphy and Dr. Weicht saved my life!

    “Dr. Murphy and Dr. Weicht saved my life and while I was in the hospital, Dr. Murphy and the staff treated me royally—just like I am treated at home! My sister dog, Sophie, loves the people there—and ...”

    - Gayle
  • Love this place!

    “Love this place!”

    - Vicky Pekurney

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